June 08, 2008

Too Hot To Handle.

I can complain all I want but in the end I suppose I'm better off with air conditioning at work.
Not when going to and from. But during, yes. And I guess that's the important time. Or whatever.

Awhile ago I wrote a post about trousers and how I wanted a pair of old-timey wool trousers to trump around in. And on a trip to Value Village, I almost found them. I debated whether or not I should and ended up taking these home, because they were ridiculously cheap and I did this whole "how many times can I cuff this to turn it into something else" dance in the changeroom and it worked enough to add it to my "yes" pile.
I wanted to take them home in the first place because I felt that I needed a test pair. A little dry run with the pants in order to find out how I would wear them.
Maybe not these boots. But I did like the belt and the sweater "open and tucked in" thing.

1 comment:

Jill said...

I really like the mustard top with the other neutrals, and I think the pants were definetly a good buy, they look great.