June 12, 2008

Promotional Values.

I avidly read other blogs. And I love that other people are more talented than I am when it comes to creating designs and outfits and etcetera.
I also love "create your own" projects on the internet from major companies like Converse and Vans and Doc Martens (hint hint)
When the two come together (someone who is talented in creating designs and etcetera and a "create your own" project from major multinational companies) life is good.

So vote for Danielle from Final Fashion's boots.
Because that is voting for something that comes from something that makes life good.

And I'm not just saying this as a teenyfanbopper. I'm saying this because Doc Martens are cool, but I think they could be better. I'm not saying that a pair of hot pink boots or black boots with a flame decal are boring or anything. It's just that I've seen people who paint on their Docs and have seen how much those boots can be like canvases for what you want on them. And frankly, I can buy black boots at Value Village for $10. I want my Docs to be painted and intricate and pretty.


annah said...

when i went on the site first about two weeks ago, i immediately voted for the pink watercolour ones, because i think they're GORGEOUS.
so go her!

Jill said...

^ Agreed the watercolour pair is fantastic, definetly better than some of the other options!

Danielle said...

aw thanks all! You guys are so sweet =)