January 28, 2009

It's Not So Far-Fetched, You Won't End Up On Every Don't List So....

Someone please wear this to the Oscars.
I spent all day cleaning my room and escaping the snowstorm that was outside.  Much progress was made.  I'd feel better if I could paint my room however reorganizing and re-adjusting will have to do (and it has).  Perhaps I'll have more ideas from now on.
Perhaps I'll even show you all what I've done with my books (not gonna lie - I'm a teensy bit proud).

January 27, 2009

Wise Walls Waiting For Paintings

My bedroom is miniscule.  It fits my bed, my shelves (which are nailed above my bed to the wall) and my laundry basket, with a little isle that is usually occupied by discarded clothing.
In a fit of frustration and stifled creativity (dressing and other-wise) I decided to take EVERYTHING (or as much as I could) apart and re-do it tomorrow; organization-wise.
Ideally, this change will also clear my fashion-head.  New surroundings, new output, yes?

Maybe my room will magically grow and make room for this:


I'm toying with clearing out my wardrobe along with my bedroom but have to see how the day goes.  I can't buy anything new so I have to pull a makeover show move and "shop in my closet".

January 26, 2009

Crime Of Passion

My procrastination is a crime.  As is the time I spend on the internet.  Combine the two, (and pretend that I'm a boy) and you get this:

Applying to schools is frustrating and extremely costly.

January 25, 2009

A Revelation Of Sorts


from The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake (p 247)

Why Then, Why Now

I don't know why or what it is but all of a sudden I kind of want one of these fur coats.  The shorter, yet bigger, blonder late-60s/disco 70s kind of style.  In a lighter-coloured (vintage) fur.  Part of me thinks it would look good with my dark hair the rest of me is screaming that I just want it because it is trendy and that a year from now I won't wear it.  A year from now I'll think it's just too big and too short and doesn't work with my soon-to-come non-wardrobe of actual colour as opposed to all black.  What if a year from now (or months from now) I'm wearing wider-legged jeans?  Or the whole late-60s Edie look sinks back into its manhole and I'm left with this big poufy thing and a pile of regret to match?
What if it just makes my hair look even bigger?
Many what-ifs to examine what exactly it is that makes one want.  You know?  That makes you see something once and roll your eyes, see it again and sort of catch your eye in the mirror and then see it a third time and let the consideration creep into your head.  What is it that convinces us that the look that once caused a snarky remark is something to seriously consider and, eventually, buy into?

Gunmetal/Steel/Hubcap Grey

Interestingly enough it also looks good on your fingers.
A nice alternative to black.

January 21, 2009

January 20, 2009

Hiding from Responsibility

It's been way too long since I've tagged a post as "Dalies".  Baad.  This is why I'm hiding my shamed face in these pictures.

that last one is just for the boots.  The cowboy-inspired rainboots a-hem.

My work uniform is all black.  I'm allowed grey, as long as it's covered by black (you'd think I worked in a funeral parlour) making it both very easy and very difficult to dress for work.  In any other kind of weather I'd just rotate black dresses, but January means pants for most of the time, which means I end up wearing a black blazer/cardigan, black jeans, and a black top to work.  I'm starting to *shock* crave colour.  It's weird.  I need Punch so I can tolerate wearing black all the time, because all of a sudden when I look at something I think "well if it's not black I can't wear it to work, so......"

P.S IMADEAVEST!  I saw the circle vest at American Apparel last weekend and went all nuts, in part because of the many ways to wear it (golly gee, no way).  Until I realised it is a big circle with two smaller circles cut out of it for arm holes that costs $35.
So I went to Fabricland and made my own in about 15 mins (including reinforcing sewing time) for $7.  There it is up there.  A little longer than the AA one, which is good because it creates a larger hood if I want to wear it upside-down.

January 19, 2009

Sandra Suy

I found this AMAZING illustrator on Dripbook ages ago.  Don't know why it took me so long to put it up here.



"Gareth Pugh"



Very Appropriate For 20cm of Snow

Very eventful weekend.  Started with a 24hr massive blackout (in the middle of a cold snap. -20 degrees C.  Wonderful) with no heat or electricity or computer.  Then running around doing errands, collecting transcripts, paying for said transcripts and sitting in a library for 5 hours reading and selecting plays.

Sounds so familiar.  I might as well be wearing one of these:

images collected from jak&jill and superfantasticpicturetime.

And this I found through The Foxy Man.  With accompanying appreciation for the origin of all those highly stylized sexual fetishism-inspired editorials and spreads you see popping up here and there.  I'm sure had it not been for the magazine that this and other images like it come from, this shirt would not exist.

January 13, 2009

Let's All Squeal And Draw Hearts In Our Notebooks

Marina Elbaz......
Marina Moreira-Elbaz....

img from WWD
Alber Moreira.....

tomorrow I have a day off.  I plan on playing catch-up, analysis-style.

"What does Margiela's coat mean? What is its significance in early twenty-first century fashion? It functions on the same level as that other Belgian Surrealist, Rene Magritte, who in 1928 created "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" - a painting of a pipe that denied it was a pipe. As an image of a pipe, the paradoxical inscription was true and in the same way, Margiela's "Wig-Coat" becomes a paradox, a paradox of adornment, of seduction and of fashion. It mimics nature whilst choosing to be artificial; the workmanship is painstaking, costly, yet applied to cheap synthetics; it is adornment which repels and yet, oddly, manages to seduce. Finally, as a luxury good it manages to function on the least luxurious level possible."

the video is a little NSFW but intriguing nonetheless.  Watch it.

January 12, 2009


I love those white shoes.  
Here's one of MARINA'S IDEAS FOR DRESSING:  wear all black and one colour in one place (I.E, all black and bright orange lipstick, or al black and white shoes, etc); see what happens.
Maybe you'll end up in a desert too.

January 11, 2009

In The Middle Of The Night

The benefits of hiding a credit card is that groggy, middle of the night purchase, like these, are easily avoided.

in order from top left:  Jeffrey Campbell heels; UO, JDauphin bracelet; La Garconne, Mary Meyer spine dress; Oak, Grey Goose leather jacket; La Garconne, WHYRED dress, Joy Division shirt; Oak, Candy Pyramid Rings; Made Her Think, Talon ring, Made Her Think, Acrylic diamond ring, .byAMT; Supermarket, Anzevino & Florence top.

January 10, 2009

Why Has This Taken So Long

I've been working and reworking the banner and the layout of this blog, only to return to its original format about four times. I almost wish I had a paid account on blogger so I could put up a very fancy "We Will Return After Visual Maintenance" banner while I work at it. I'm still not entirely done. Blogger is very limited, but this is generally what it will be. The image is a photograph I found via google image search that originates HERE.

The set is made up of photographs of Courtney Love (performing, I assume) contrasted with black and white photographs of roses.  This time around, when creating my banner I really wanted to incorporate flowers, because of the origin of the title of the blog, and these were my favourites.  Even alone, before being altered in photoshop, they provide a ve I'm ry simple, almost formal yet still very "cool" image to introduce all the semi-coherent rambling that follows.  SO after deciding a) use this particular image (as opposed to the many others) and then opting to split it in two (to bookend my blog with it), I started playing in photoshop.  Like I said the image itself doesn't need anything but I was bored and kind of sick so I was playing with the filter options. The Color Halftone option creating this candied image above so I kept it.

and as a reward for reading all that, my friend Eliza spent New Year's Day doing THESE.  I'm the one in the Hello Kitty....head.

January 05, 2009

Healthy Change

A) I couldn't get an appointment to fix my hair until Wednesday so any photographs of me without a hat will wait until then.   Thanks if you like it.  I just need to resolve the back half so it's not so wonky and disproportionate (in a bad way).
B) I'm changing the look of this thing.  This is phase one.  Phase two will likely be different.  I'll fix and fiddle until I find a phase I like.
C) Clearing up some hard-drive space, images from Jak & Jill blog, Fotodecadent, and who knows where else.  I swear, next time I'll make a note of some kind with where they come from.
also:  I sent attempt #1 through the wash and it did not do well.  The colour is off and the image is a bit too destroyed.  I suppose I'll figure out a way to use ink for #2, or find a transfer that isn't so delicate/annoying.

January 01, 2009

A Warning For My Grandkids.

Pictures tell thousands of words.

Saturday I shall fix this and turn it into a real haircut.
With the aid of a professional.

Auld Lang Syne