June 09, 2008

The Beginning

Today there is no style/fashion/clothing oriented posting. It was laundry day. You do not want to see me on laundry day, I think that would be pushing the title of my blog just a teensy bit.

However, while coming back I was stuck walking behind 3 very slow people. All were wearing head to toe black (how, I have no idea, it was disgusting outside), oxfords, leather man-bags, and smoking.

After passing them, I heard one of them say "oh my god that's brilliant a little trolley" "It's amazing. How......."
They kept discussing the old shopping cart + canvas bag combo in which I cart around my laundry when I'm too lazy to carry it around in a bag. The three trendy trendy boys were very impressed by my old lady shopping cart and I thought - "this is how it starts".

Isn't it? Someone was walking down the street, smoking, lazy, bored, discussing outdated philosophies when suddenly they saw someone wearing a scarf, or a pair of glasses that made them look really smart, or American Apparel, and they adopted it. And then their friends did, and then the people who copy their friends did.

And then they get all angry because the people who copy the people who copy their friends start wearing it and they think that it's become trashy, cliche, and overdone.

** I forgot to add this before. It is somewhat relevant.
I was going through my mom's closet today and I found a pair of AMERICAN APPAREL SLIM SLACKS.
likeomigawdnofreakinwayi'mtotallybuggin **

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