June 03, 2008

We Trudge On.

Okay, I've tried and re-written this first sentence more times than Joseph Grand (The Plague - good book).
I felt that you've had enough of the Munny/Avocado picture and deserve a little more. But I have little to give ya. I'm not saying that usually my outfits are of a superb-stellar-out-of-this-world calibre but this past week I've been less than sub-par. I just sort of schlep around in whatever it is I find and then come home. I bought a nice dress but have yet to actually wear it. I keep opening my closet and then closing it and getting all angry and frustrated and what not.

I'm in a little clothes-rut.
Observe:To go see Chronicles of Narnia. I'm sitting in a movie theatre occasionally thinking "my shirt is shiny and no one can see". Also: those jeans kept falling down.

And now:
See this I don't think is so bad. Until it got really hot out and then I regretted the tights. Which I keep going back and forth on. On one hand, it's comforting knowing that not a soul can see my pasty, goosebumpy thunder thighs. But on the other: Why would you wear shorts with tights? Doesn't it defeat some kind of purpose behind shorts? Aren't tights something classier that look better with skirts and dresses in order to not look like too much of a hooch while sitting?

I need to find a way to feel better (the rain is not helping at all) so that I have the patience to examine why it is when we feel tired and funky we (read: I) cannot even drag my little legs over to my closet to poke my head on in and see what's in there. A staple maybe? A pre-determined outfit that I just have to reach for on those days where I just can't even compute making any decision, good or bad.
Also: holy crap Yves Saint Laurent died (two days ago now). Small salute from an admirer who spilled cereal when she saw the morning paper.

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