June 21, 2008

The Rundown.

Am I crazy or is that the name of a move starring The Rock?
I'm probably just crazy.

So there it all is. A general quick rundown of my week. Tuesday till Friday since Monday and today I spent in my jammies.
The first two are when the weather was really bad and bumming me out quite some bit. I swear I could hardly think to put one foot in front of the other on those two days.
The second two are after Thursday. Actually the very last one is Thursday. I decided to just go all out. Be ridiculous. A reaction to not thinking and therefore looking terrible is to intentionally not think and ridiculous.

Like those people who intentionally dress like nerds and end up looking really forward thinking as opposed to looking like they've memorized every episode of BSG.

After my strong determination to look like I had dressed in the dark, Friday wasn't so hard. I mean, the combination didn't hold up - the skirt kept rolling over and I kept having to pull it up - but I didn't feel so down about it. And I also didn't feel like sticking to grey or black so I had the green and yellow for a little variety. And my spats for good luck and good measure.

So I guess the moral of this little tale is *ahem*:

The Remedy For A Bad Week Is To Dress As Randomly and Ridiculously As Possible In Order To Put The Rest Of What You Wear Into Perspective And Maybe See That It's Not All That Bad In The End. Y'know, In The Big Picture And What Not.

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NICOLE said...

i like your black skirt