May 11, 2008

Pants, Slacks, Trousers, Two Legged Leg Coverings

This Polyvore thing is going to develop into a problem isn't it?
If anyone feels I'm getting out of control, a couple of strongly worded emails might do to fix it.

I've always kinda wanted a pair of high waisted-slacks. The likes of which Katharine Hepburn used to wear, and now that they're back in style I may just have to jump on the bandwagon and invest in a pair for myself. I used to look for them in vintage stores but gave up once I realised that a) no one has them and b) vintage stores tend to carry clothing from the late 50s onward. With a very large selection of 70s and 80s wear. Accessories are more varied but if after paying close attention I think just about everything except maybe jewelry comes from a concentrated piece of history.

Maybe this is why the 70s trend is happening now. Everyone wears vintage, retailers see that vintage is in and "voila" they create new items that emulate the majority of the old items that the young 'uns are wearing these days.
Them intelligencia call it supply and demand or sumthin'

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