June 10, 2008

Ring Around The Rosies

...a pocket full of posies....
hey.I did a little dance while taking my pictures today. I picked up a flower and had a little fun too.
Apart from that I don't much to say today. Just wanted to post for continuity's sake.

oh! Actually I do have a thing.
That skirt split while I was at work today. I did the best I could with a safety pin but it didn't work for long, I had to re-secure it again later on. So I wondered how many people walk around with a sewing kit? I'm not the greatest seamstress - frankly the safety pin probably did a better sewing job than what I could do with a needle and thread - so is it useful to keep one with you at all times? How often does it come in to play? Is it better to just do what is possible at the moment and fix it as soon as you have the resources, or to carry the resources around with you, even if you have very little experience with the resource?

Magiver never had a sewing kit. I wonder what he would've done......would it have involved that flower on my head? Maybe....

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