June 18, 2008

Slap On The Wrist

I've been a little counterproductive this past week.

The whole point of this blog was to track my progress and my setback when it comes to seriously thinking about what I wear and how I put it together and etcetera. I had wanted to put my outfit picture thingies whether they be bad or good. And they will mostly be bad but I wanted to put them up anyway and see what happens.
Learn from my mistakes.
Take the good throw away the bad.
You get the idea.

This past week has been gross. The weather in Toronto is schizophrenic. Literally, 5 minute thunderstorms with sun spit in between. And generally I feel really down and sluggish and just.....off.
Obviously this is reflected in what I'm wearing. Mostly because I can't seem to put together an outfit that I'm satisfied with? This has happened before and makes me kind of annoyed. Like "wow I can't even commit to looking really bad" and instead just trudge around grumpy and silently complaining about what I'm wearing.

I didn't take outfit pictures today (or yesterday). I'll do it tomorrow (famous last words) and then.....post the second half of this I guess. Hum and haw s'more about what I'm wearing.

I just wanted to publicly admit that I am not sticking to the personal rules I created for myself when making the decision to re-start this blog. And I have. Make way for the public whine.


Anonymous said...

dont worry darling that happens to me too!

chloe van paris said...

It happen to me last week too.
I had such a bad migraina's days.
I didn't blog.
And the weather in Paris was such depressing it was raining and it was chilly in mid june.

Marina said...

freakin hell. It's happening everywhere.

Vintage Vinyl said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
You are from toronto too?