June 23, 2008


Some nights, I kinda want to go out and dance and party and etcetera. But sometimes my friends don't wanna go out. Or it's raining. Or there's not that much on and well someone has had a long day y'know they've been working and they kind of just wanna have an "in" night....

Sometimes it's a Monday and the only people who are out are the ones who do this for a living.

So I put on some Moloko for mah bad-bad self.

It's amazing what 3 inches of heel can do for a picture.
This drapey thing was my mom's and it also used to have the most hilarious shoulder pads. If I was into that, I'd keep them and make the thing the most 80's nu-rave gem.
But instead it looks like a quasi-Greican blouse that matches the colours of the wonderful wavy waters.

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Vintage Vinyl said...

Nice photos. And I completely agree! Sometimes I want to get all dressed up and go out and party, but my friends aren't up for it or it is a lazy day etc.
Thanks for the comment btw