June 14, 2008

The Hat.


Lemme tell ya a story.
About a young girl...and a hat. A hat you can't really see in this picture, but can easily imagine with your imaginations there. Anyhoo.
One day this girl was walking someplace (we'll say "the mall" because the girl was in her early teens and was a bit of a mallrat). She saw a small military/navy style hat perched gingerly atop a bush. It had beautiful red satin lining and broken little bits for example: the visor bit was staple-gunned on in order to securely fasten the gold buttons. And this girl loves odd slightly broken things.

She looked up and down the street. It was oddly empty. The girl was mildly suspicious. Why is that hat just sitting there, no head in sight? She picked it up and passed it between her hands. the hat was calling to her, saying "take me, I'm garbage, someone doesn't care enough about me not to leave me all alone on an empty street."
So, after scanning the street for any witnesses to her soon-to-be-occurring crime, the girl picked up the hat and scurried away.

Years later....the girl and the hat are still happily sharing their lives with one another. He popped the question near that very bush where they found one another. And the couple lived happily ever after.

They are registered at William Ashley China and request that you kindly stick to what is specified on the list.

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Dagny Taggart said...

haha cute story, you made me LOL irl