June 26, 2008


I'm in a very "art-deco" mood. It could be the fact that I just finished re-reading The Fountainhead......naw, that's crazy.
It's probably all the Kanye I've been listening to lately.
"The Musician"

Self Portrait in the Green Bugatti
Sleeping Lady

Portrait of a Man (unfinished)

Portrait de Madame Allan Botte

These are all paintings by Tamara de Lempicka about whom the wikipedia article can explain more (and better and more concisely than I). I'm also into/thinking about these two film posters, for "Metropolis" and "The Rocketeer", respectively.

Retro-futurism and steam-punk are the new "it" underground scene. Cooler than MMORPGs and more elaborate than D&D. My extremely dorky self is kind of into steam-punk but in no way committed enough to a "scene" (never have been, never could be, therefore I never will be) to pull it off. But I have said before that I'd love to find ways to incorporate my influences into how I dress.

The sea foam blue blazer I just found works with this. The pleating and drapery remind me of the kinds of lines you find in these "art deco"esque paintings and design.

I tried to find some examples of graphic design too but couldn't find anything except for this Dole pineapple ad from 1938:

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