December 01, 2008

Break Board.

I took a wee blogger break which I a) already told y'all and b) do from time to time.
SO I made this:
It's a compilation of photos that have been piling up in my computer file labelled "For Still" so I can remember to share them on here at some point in time.
From Default
These are from FaceHunter, FotoDecadent, Life Magazine Photo Archives/Gnarlitude, and the Miu Miu website and more, I just don't remember where all of them are from.  Oh! and Fak!
Some Notes:
  • A lot of people are using bullet notes. This reminds me of school and how easy it was to convey information in short form.  Lucky for you I have decided not to use the short form "language" I use for school, because you would NOT understand that.  
  • I'm almost done that YSL sweater project.  I just have to actually attach it to something, which I will do on Thursday (I'm very determined)
  • Adobe Illustrator is a pain in the rear.  The Gradient Map tool is the work of the devil.  I don't know why I ever use it.  This has to do with another DIY project I'm doing because I am a) crazy and b) bored with what I see in stores that I can afford.
  • The project that involves Adobe Illustrator is (I think) kinda cool.  I'm excited for how it turns out, Illustrated or not.
  • I came up with yet another diy project which I promise I will not do until I'm finished the other two.  Damn, I do this with books too.  I'm always reading about 3 at a time and it takes me forever, then I complain about it taking me forever to finish a book, even though it is all my own damn fault.

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