December 01, 2008

Happy Things

I was tagged by Jam-Bo-Ree to name 6 Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy.  I have been working on it since then.  And then I kind of forgot about it while taking a "blogging breather" which I do from time to time.

1. Wikipedia.
Call it unreliable (which it totally is.  My friend once edited the Michael Buble page to say that they were engaged and then it was deleted.  She then put it back, and it was changed to "formerly engaged" for about 6 months before being deleted again), but where else can you read about Project MKULTRA,  Roberto Bolano, Chaos Theory, the Zodiac, Isabella Blow, and Joaquin Phoenix in one place, and from the comfort of your own home? I love it.

2. WNYC's RadioLab.
Here is the link to what I consider the best not-music oriented podcast I've heard in awhile - you can download it off of that website and also through itunes.  Hosted by Rob Krulwich and Jad Abumrad, two very charismatic, smart and kind of strange guys, they have shows about science for the curious who don't necessarily want to read scientific journals.  They use interviews that are cut and pasted with their own commentary, and a variety of sound clips to explore the topic from the perspective of the listener.  And the two hosts have great chemistry.  My favourite shows are Memory and Forgetting, War of The Worlds, Pop Music.  Choice, the most recent and the opening to their 5th season, is also a good one.

3. The Latest Issue of Camoflauge.
It's the shoes issue.

I'll scan my favourites soon, they did something very interesting with shoes.  But it um....makes me happy.

4. Coffee and Pie.
Separately, both can make you feel better, comfort you when you're down, but together they can raise you up higher than Josh Groban manning a crane.

5.  Non-Pretentious Music Blogs.
I say "non-pretentious" because sometimes when reading Stereogum or Pitchfork I feel like I'm being talked down to, which I do not like (it does not make me happy).
I go through phases in liking music so discovering new music tends to come in handy.  I also like to read about music. Music blogs bring the two together.  Some I really like are Fluxblog, Marathon Packs and Star Maker Machine.  

6. Life Magazine Archives.
Just the fact that we have access to all this makes me so so happy.

I just thought of many other things that make me happy.  But instead I'll spread the happiness by tagging Pandora's Closet, Garbage Dress, The Vain & The Bored, and......ANYONE ELSE.
Sheesh.  I forgot about this tag until today.

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roxanne said...

life magazine archives?? i may never get around to my homework tonight..

thanks for the tag!