December 12, 2008

The Trick To Hunting Is Letting IT Come To YOU.

I bought a fedora years before it became cool, and because I was never one of "them kids" who reveled in the fact that they were somehow different from "the pack", I hardly wore it and my mom ended up donating it to Goodwill.
Luckily I kept the little red feather that was once attached to this fedora.

Lately (and by lately I mean, the day after I found out the hat was in the big bag that was now in a big bin somewhere) I have tried to find a new one.  I didn't want something patterned or something that had ribbons or bows or other trimmings on it.  Most vintage hats were either too big or too rigid (or too soft) but never "just right".
And where did I end up finding the "just right" hat?  At Forever 21.  When I was looking for a cheap wallet so I could stop using my change purse for everything.  It has a brim that isn't too too wide, it's the right size and cost me less that $10.  AND it is solid black.  No trimmings or frills or trendy baubles, it's just a black hat that I can wear over my face or on the back of my head, and am free to pin however many hat pins/feather/removable baubles as I wish.

It just goes to show that sometimes you just have to sit back and let certain unimportant things come to you.

At this rate, I may go back and buy another just so I can copy this hat I saw at Lilliput (Toronto milliner) last summer.  That is, after I do the YSL sweater project, the "good copy" of the YSL t-shirt, and spray paint my shoes.............


Stefanie said...

you are just endlessly crafty, girl.

copperoranges said...

awwww that's always the best feeling - when something you've been looking for turns up right under your nose.