October 31, 2008

I Ought To Start By Saying, It's 2am

And I'm watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

I think, "I can't fall asleep" goes without saying.

I want to do this with a sweater.  But not with the letters YSL.  Earlier today, I researched and found 3 fonts that are similar to the logo (which, as i found out, is not an actual font but a custom-design by Adolphe Cassandre) and I'm thinking of doing this with my initials.  I do have three of those.

Also:  I was parusing Refinery29 and found this article about St. Vincent, the singer.

"Black Wolford tights.  They're like America.  They never fucking run"

"Anything you're coveting right now?
'What's worse than coveting is that I now rationalize the most sensational purchases as a 'business expense'.  This is a slippery, slippery slope."

this will probably be deleted once I write something worthwhile, I swear.


Miriam said...

St. Vincent is gorgeous

roxanne said...

i'd love to see what comes of your sweater project!

Anonymous said...

st. vincent is an amazin singer
glad to know someone else out there appreciates her too!

paper_thrower said...

if you put your inititals on a sweater (MDL) it would look like the word 'middle'.
ppl. would be confused. See? You read abbreviated wrds lk real wrds.

Marina said...

MDM looks like no word.