December 08, 2008

Okay So I Forgot My Questions.

Augh.  This week already feels like a wind tunnel.

I bought a hat on impulse.  Why? I don't know, I meant to buy gloves, instead I bought a trapper's hat from a department store that originated from a fur trapping company (10 points for the name of this department store).  
And this was my outfit of the day.

Oh. A store I really really like is having a sale.  I'm hoping to go later this week.  Perhaps by then my face won't look like a Hussein Chalayan dress from SS09.

!! Something less random:  After watching that Janelle Monae video and seeing someone with one, I kind of want a cummerbund to use as a belt.  I'm fairly sure these cost about as much as another belt at Value Village (~$3), but we'll see where this goes.
Blogging is better than post-it notes when it comes to remembering certain things.


roxanne said...

suhweeeet hat.

Stefanie said...

I love The Bay

Marina said...


so do I. I forget The Bay, it's too close to the H&Ms and Forever 21s and I always end up there....

Meg said...

Giving Lightspeed Champion a run for his money. You're very photogenic, I always have to cut my head off in pictures.