December 05, 2008


Evidently I am an "invisible-for-various-days-then-multiple-offender" kind of blogger seeing as I leave this and then visit it more than once when I do.

This is just one of my projects.  I didn't finish the other YSL project because I realised that it would probably be best to work with a clean gray sweater, as opposed to a not-so-much one.  So I went with this first, based on the following image (which I found via Google Image search)

First I thought of rendering the girl in Illustrator but that was a pain in the ass so I decided to outline her instead (which didn't show up properly when saved and printed).  So instead I opted to print it out blank and then improvise.
From Default

  • I liked the shirt.  It is from H&M and is this a nice heathered/sheer fabric/wash.
  • the image is still really stiff.  The shirt is currently in a knot on my desk to be wrinkled into relaxation.
  • I'm going to do this again, and when I do I will fix Yves Saint Laurent's face.  This was merely attempt 1.  I will also try to center the shirt more because it's kind of off to the left right now.
  • I really like the red line and the separation.  I think it's a little sinister - what is your opinion of this?  Does it distract from the image?  Do you think I should just make it one thing?
I'll post picture of it post-knot-wrinkle.


Anonymous said...

I think the red line looks really good, makes it more interesting. How did you do this? Screen printing?

Marina said...

no, just an iron transfer. I made two so I could play with placement, and also planned it out using photoshop beforehand.
the red is acrylic paint, I'll probably screen it next time though.