December 28, 2008

Strong As A Twig

I tried on a vest today that is $300 out of my price range and now I can't remember who the designer was.  I don't feel like I can go back to the store, because if I do I'll buy it (I know myself too well - I have very little self-control), which may not be a bad thing (you see?).

It was a shirt actually.  This beautifully draped, pinned and tucked in at the waist so it looked like it had pockets but doesn't actually let you hide your hands in it.  Apparently the salesladies had never seen it worn as a vest, and were so impressed they called the owner over to show her how I had ingeniously twisted the top of the back and worn it open creating a vest-style out of a quasi-grecian shirt.
And it was black (so I could wear it to work and look really cool).
It was a little oversized.  But not too much.  And it was fitted, yet bubbly.  And part of me thinks that it'll still be en vogue a year from now, but part of me thinks that the oversized thing may not last past spring.  
And the rest of me is still thinking about this shirtvest, wishing that I had bothered to look at the label.  I think it was whyred but am fairly sure that the reason I think that is because I tried on a (beautifully fitted) blazer by them.  Because at least then, I could find it online, download the picture, put it up here, and then forget about it (or get my sewing-savy friend to maybe make it for me).

I also went to Fawn; a very awesome store in Toronto (They sell Posso Spats. They hold the keys to the "Materialism" department in my heart).  I found a beautiful, red, sale-priced Imitation dress (that I may go back for because it won't go out of style and isn't $300 away) and this vintage military pin.

It has satiated me for some time.  The last piece I bought was the hat, so if I'm weak enough (and am still thinking about it on Tuesday) I may go back for the dress.
Or I'll grow a backbone and stay at home.

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roxanne said...

fantastic pin, dear. stay strong!