December 30, 2008

Steely Resolve

The red dress I saw a few days ago at Fawn is also on sale at Holt Renfrew.  I was parusing a few sale racks and while in the change room trying on a magnificent leather jacket (original price was approximately $1200 yet I see no difference in fit or feel to others I've tried on, expensive and inexpensive) I spotted it on the rail people leave the clothes they don't want on.  I immediately ran off, found my size, and checked the price: a full hundred and a bit off the sale price at Fawn.  I tried the dress on again to make sure it fit the way I remembered (it did) and while standing in the change room my thoughts flip flopped between:
Do I want to give Holt Renfrew my money, or would I rather have it go to Fawn.
But this dress costs less.
But do I want to support Holt Renfrew, as opposed to a local business.
But this one costs less.

And so on.  Cost won over morals this time, I put the dress on hold.

However, while I drifted through the shoe section (thank all heavens I was distracted) I started thinking about local business, cost, and shopping habits.  My shopping habits.
I thought about quality and quantity and at some point came to the conclusion that the way I shop (collecting H&M as if it were facing bankruptcy) really is doing nothing for me.  I forgot what the benefit of shopping from those kinds of places were, especially since they start to fray after a month or so, and I spend just as much time mending them as I do wearing them.  I've been searching for a cardigan and keep picking up the same one from H&M before putting it down, remembering the 3 others that ended up with irreparable holes in them.

I prefer the quality of stores that yes, are slightly more expensive, but are smaller, and sometimes are locally owned/designed.  And how many times I've gone into those stores and thought that the sweaters are too too expensive, but how often do I think that thought after having spent "less" at a store like Forever 21?  I end up spending the same amount of money on 4 sweaters that I'll have to replace.  I own a cashmere sweater that, after 4 years has kept it's shape (the only problem with it is due to a bad experience with a dry cleaner).  I'm more inclined to care for my more expensive pieces as well - the silk vintage dresses, and the Twenty8Twelve pants I own are treated delicately and put in their place while my jeans, t-shirts and etcetera are carelessly strewn about my teensy bedroom.  Even after cleaning out my closet I still feel as if I am left with a mountain of crap I don't want to wear because it has lost it's shape or I feel it doesn't "go" with whatever else I own.

In short - I think I need to change my shopping habits.

SO. My official new year's resolution list was compiled as I sat in Lettieri staring out the window and staring at the boots I bought in order to replace a cheaper pair that broke.

#1:  Buy Less Buy Better.
I resolve to shop less often and window shop more.  I resolve to really try to shop locally, for better quality pieces and instead of saying "oh well I wish I could get the Acne jeans" I will save and buy one pair of great jeans instead of 3 that are too long, too wide, or too _____.  I will care for these pieces, and get them tailored if necessary.  I will also take the time to find my size instead of guessing, and I will find and keep a really good tailor and cobbler.

#2: Get In Order.
I resolve to put my material life in order and to do my best to keep it that way.  Too often I have lost a backing to an earring (or vice versa) due to throwing it on a shelf and not thinking about it until I decide to wear it.  Too often do my things fall through the crack of my bed and I am altogether too quick to replace it.  Not anymore.  I also resolve to procrastinate less.  I've made quite a bit of progress in this area in 2008, but in 2009 I'll take another step in the "do it" direction.  I won't let my "alterations and sewing" basket overflow and if I really want to d-it-myself, I will DIY with the idea still in my head.

#2 - A: I will not let my google reader get out of hand.

#3: Stick to Something.
In regards to this blog, I resolve to get back to basics.  I started writing to really break down what I wore, why, and track my progress.  I wanted to focus on how I project myself to others (and the best way to see this, is to project yourself to others) so I resolve to commit myself to posting outfits, ask questions, and really look at what I am doing.  I resolve to try new things and narrow down what I really like and explore them further.  I suppose this is a companion to resolution #1.  And if I shop less,  I'll have less to incorporate and more time to devote to dressing myself the way I want to.  I resolve to create a style for myself, as an extension of merely dressing well.
And on that note:  I'll clear out the "inspired" folder on my computer at least once a month so that maybe I'll look at those photographs and use them in dressing.

#4: Practice, dammit!
This isn't necessarily related, but I resolve to dedicate at least one day a week to rehearsal so that I am really prepared for theatre school auditions when they start popping up a few months from now. And to continue them afterward so I'm prepared in general.

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roxanne said...

i definitely need to streamline my purchases - for sure. theatre school auditions - best of luck! here's to 2009, dearest!