December 08, 2008

Divided From Joy

via oaknyc
I've never seen one like this, dammit why'd it have to be sold out?
Joy Division (to put this into context, somewhat) is one of the remaining bands from my quasi-wannabe-punk phase.  Such a depressing band (with possibly the most upsetting name origin) but when pushed and pulled into larger than life expressions of themselves, the songs become really uplifting pieces of emotion.
Sorry it's really early and I can't sleep.  Basically, a) I want that shirt b) it is sold out c) I want it because I have an emotional attachment to Joy Division.

And before I forget (because if anything this blog should serve as a record of ideas, even the ones I may not go through with) - I think I'm going to spray paint a pair of shoes.  I need black shoes for work and I figure if I find a nice, glossy and/or shiny black paint I can just convert and old pair into a seemingly new pair.  I also want something to dress up the ultra-winter boots I got.  What can I say, I seem to be on a DIY kick.

Outfit from a past day to follow tomorrow, I have a few questions.


Vintage Tea said...

I loooove OAK its the best!


Marina said...

same. It's borderline dangerous at this point.