December 28, 2008

As The Debt Dent Deepens

I've been thinking (for the past month actually) about getting these or something like them to attach to a pair of nylon winter boots I bought.

There is a bead & supply store near the store I work at that may sell something like this.  Seeing as it is a bola my chances of finding two for a reasonable price that doesn't include shipping are fairly high.  If not a supply shop I'll find some at a vintage store.

I really hate the boots.  I only bought them because they were a) nylon b) warm and c) on sale and therefore cheaper than other winter boots I've seen.  They've since let in water and I had to buy another pair of boots (insert eye twitch).  This is the only idea I've come up with to make myself less unhappy/angry at the $50 I basically threw under the salter.

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