May 16, 2008

Wallet's Remorse.

I spent a lot of money today.

(Hi, how are you all, sorry for not updating in the past few days frankly I just felt I had nothing/very little to say. I took a few new headshots yesterday, they turned out quite nice. I also wore a few outfits and since it rained I had to take them inside and because I live in a basement they're kind of dark. The pictures I mean, pictures of the outfits, not the actual outfits themselves. Well I did have to take them inside, because they'd have gotten wet, right? And one of them was pretty dark. But I was talking about the pictures, and I'll put them up anyhow, I'd like to see what the internet thinks. Or doesn't think. whatever. Anyhow, I was saying, I spent a lot of money.......)


I also happen to plan on spending a nice chunk of my finances on a pair of shoes tomorrow.
But only a nice chunk, my wallet remorse is mostly for today's spending on the following:

A black skirt from Aritzia

I do like the way it looks. A high waist that is just about knee-high. It has pockets and is what is called a "tulip skirt". I have nothing like it right now, it's a thicker linen, feels nice, and I'm going to stop trying to justify a $90 skirt, because no matter how many times I tell myself that I'll wear it all the time at work, my cheap ass won't let me.

And a white shirt. A crisp, clean white shirt that won't last a week before it becomes a wrinkled mess (even though I will try to keep it nice. Fingers crossed)

Yes. I know what you're not thinking.
It is part of the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for the Gap. And because I know you're not interested; it was on sale because that isn't Gap's big selling gimmick anymore. Will I probably go back in two weeks to get the remaining, even-more-marked-down pieces? Most likely.

At first I thought these two would work well together (black skirt, white shirt, classic clean combination or something) but because of the shapes....they really don't.
I mean, maybe on someone else.......actually no. Not even on someone else. The shirt is one that should really be tucked in or cinched at the waist or something because of all the volume at the top (created, I'm assuming, by the pleating thing). The skirt does something similar: volume up top while more fitted down low. Also probably because of the pleating (or the "tulip" shape?). So you get the effect of parachute-esque fabrics wrapped around you. One could always really try to wrap something around up top thereby loosing the beautiful detailing in the shirt. Or try to control the tulip bloom of the skirt, thereby ruining the point of the tulip skirt (I'm milking this, can you tell?).

Or, once could not wear these two pieces together and instead find a fitted top/bottom in order to provide some kind of contrast in what one is wearing as opposed to trying to inflate oneself to microvave-popcorn proportions.

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annah said...

i love these!
i think although the colours would look gorgeous together, although if the shapes aren't right, i think a white/offwhite/grey t shirt with the skirt would look cool, and perhaps black skinnies with the shirt?
i always sound stupid suggesting stuff- they always sound really boring!

post the outfit pictures!