May 17, 2008

My Wallet Ran Away

She said something about abuse......I don't know. She started crying and said she was going to stay with her mother for a few days after I came home with these:

It was the heel. Okay, maybe the cushioned toe too.

Also, I found another one:
This one seems different from the others somehow. It's pretty self-explanatory, a lookbook. I'd have to sign up to really examine it further, but there looks to be a vintage website in addition to the main, and judging from the long list on the right hand column, they have separate websites based on your outfit category (?)
The site is also invite only.....interesting. I wonder why. Perhaps closer examination will reveal a reason.

1 comment: said...

hello Marina,

thank you for mentioning :) the concept behind our site is pretty simple like you said; our main difference from other style sites is that the users determine what shows up on the front page at any given moment based on their votes, which we call "hype."

the categories on the right are actually sub-lookbooks, which are subsets of the main lookbook that users themselves have created. for example is a lookbook for users who post outfits containing secondhand items.

hope you will explore us further :)
if you send me an email i will certainly provide you with an invitation!

thanks again,