May 22, 2008

Every Time.

I used to have this problem where I'd buy clothes that were on sale.
The problem with it was that I had no...filter. No way to judge what I was buying. I wouldn't really think about it or anything I'd buy it because I liked it and it was on sale or it was cheap or whatever.

No when I buy something I do try to think of where/when/with what I'll wear it - I colour co-ordinate at the very least. Occasionally though, I do slip up and end up buying something else that just doesn't go. Or I try it on and think "yeah, sure, why not it's cheap" and I get home and realize that I wasted my money. It usually happens when I go to Value Village or any other thrift store. I go, I pick out a bunch of clothes, I try them on weed out the horrible from the no so horrible from the good and end up taking one of the horrible items home with me because I think:
"oh, I'll alter it" (I won't),
"I'll tuck it into something else" (I can't),
"It's not as long as I think it is" (It's longer),
or "I have shoes to go with this" (. . . . . .this is usually true)
I don't really know why this is. I'm getting better at it, now I'm down to just one.
Today I went to a By-The-Pound store near my house. I need skirts for work. I figure I'll find a nice, vintage/old/thrifted skirt for cheap and hey, maybe a scarf or shirt while I'm there. So I did the whole dance, searched for what fit me and went off to try them all on. I was easily convinced for a shirt and shoes but then I tried on this:

And bought it.

I um....don't really know why. It looks okay if I alter it. I also adjusted it in a way where the front is shorter and the back is a bit of a tail...and it looks okay like that.
The problem is, I'm sure this will end up balled up in the back of my closet along with a few other dresses, shirts, and skirts that I've collected over the years.

Why do I do this? I feel as if I should know myself better and be aware of the fact that I probably won't get around to altering this thing yet I still added it to my pile. "oh it barely even registers on the scale" - that is probably true so why didn't I just go the other way? It's not going to change the price so why did I take it anyway?

In the past year of reform I have actually paid attention to what fits me where. What my body is like, what it does, how it works. Because of all this I am able to buy and wear clothing that fits me better and then have the luxury of altering my purchases in order to look good wearing what looks good.

So why can't I shake this one (really) bad shopping habit?

p.s: thanks to all the lovely comments. I know it may be bad etiquette to not reply to them but I don't know what to say. Thanks. :D

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