May 05, 2008

I'm a Spendah.

I tried to write this earlier but couldn't so I went off and took a nap and had my worst nightmare.
It's one where I walk into a rehearsal with a group of my favourite actors and I'm naked and whenever I try to put on clothes they disappear, and the actors give me clothes to put on and then get mad at me when the pants and sweaters they give me disappear.

Worst. Nightmare. Possible.

These, however, not so much.
I didn't end up going back to the clothing show this year, but there's always the fall for me to try and bankrupt myself in a weekend.

I'll go in chronological order. Seeing as that's how we do things in the real world.

I saw these about a minute after I walked in on a table with a big red "$10-$15" sign. They were the last in my size. You'll be happy to know that they have not been off my feet since I took these (which is why they're a little dirty. Blue Suede-esque material + rainy May night = not so great for aethetics)
I think they look a lot better on my feet:

I spent the next little bit trying to not spend big. So I spent a lot of little on some jewelry:

Close up on each piece:
Chinese silk - covered button.
I forgot to get the woman's card (dammit) but there were a variety of patterns and silks, not a single one was the same as the other. A soft, turtle-shell (right?) button, the kind that covered your backpack in high school.
but classy.

silver knot
I definitely didn't try this on until I got home and was worried that it wouldn't fit.
It does (barely).
If I ever get around to it, I'll put a longer chain on it.

Flower pin
From a booth called "English ______". The woman doesn't have a store she just does these shows so I'll actually have to wait until September to go back. She had a wonderful selection of this brass jewelry that she collects and makes herself.
I love the petals and how wild the blossom is. The little pearl in the middle suits it perfectly, it holds the almost-wilting petals together.

monk pendant
This was some random kitschy pendant I found in the middle of other random kitschy pieces at one booth. I didn't think it would be but it's my favourite piece. It's heavy, made from marble or stone it looks like. And solid.
Something to hold on to.
I'm still trying to figure out who/what he is.

And finally:
A Dagg and Stacey vest. I don't even mind not going back as much because they're one of the reasons why I went.
I love the clasps and the crochet lining. The satin blue back speaks for itself.

I found I was drawn to more girly and vintage items. I used to go for the jeans, the t-shirt, and maybe a simple necklace to go with it. But I saw a few frilly, lacey pieces that I would absolutely go for. Is that change coming just because I'm putting more effort into my wardrobe? Is this the kind of thing that happens when you make a sort of image overhaul? Dresses and skirts were never my thing (they still aren't in a way), and at places/events like this one I'd always try to find clothes that fit what I was into - pants and shirts in the most basic way possible. It probably comes with the territory - once you open your eyes you see a lot more - but texture, fit and stitching are all of a sudden a lot more obvious to me, and I judge them more than I used to.

I have more criteria to fill. And that criteria is more specific than it used to be.

Dammit I just remembered a pair of pants that I was planning on going back for. I guess I'll try my luck in the fall. It might be interesting to see what else changes by then.

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