May 12, 2008

Bear Necessities.

I Like My Style


(If you know another let me know.)

How many times, from how many people, in how many different forms do we (read: I) have to validate what we wear by having other vote on how stylish it is or comment on the clothing we wear?

Well I guess we ought to consider how different these site are. How they cater to different age/style groups. Are they all necessary? In some ways, yes because you get different opinions, different suggestions, and different reactions from each. It can easily become saturated but it has to for one of them to really adapt and come out the winner. All of the above sites are relatively new, and once they start to rise, one of them will become the facebook of style communities - integrating a good design with functionality and relative privacy with popularity that comes out of a universal appeal (which is achieved by adaptation and adding new things. Lots of 'em).

Then again, in the world of style/fashion/clothing/whatever-I-should-wear-a-paper-bag-it-would-be-cheaper-anyhow blogs, is Still Better and Worse necessary? Is anything necessary? Is a blog necessary?

Personally I think the only necessity is a self-timer on your camera, once you have that skill down you're set for life.

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annah said...

i don't think any of them are NECESSARY but i think they all provide inspiration, entertainment and a channel for our fashion tastes.
i think i've become more adventurous (slightly...) since starting my blog and stuff.

(and i agree- self timer=amazing. remote shutter control= even better.)