May 18, 2008


It was cold today. Cold and rainy and if I didn't have to go to work I would have spent the day indoors playing on Polyvore like I did a week or so ago.
But instead I hiked up my spirits (somewhat) and made a test run of the tulip skirt and wooden heel (which, at the end of the day, didn't hurt as badly as I thought they would).

Points of Interest Apart From the Skirt: I've had this sweater for about 4 years. I may have holes in it but will never be far from it's little hole in my heart. Or something else that is just as poetic.
The Tulip Skirt: Lesson 1: Not For Running. There will always be another streetcar, the same does not go for one's own precious body.
I meant to pair this with solid tee. Maybe some jewelry to jazz it up a bit but it was so cold this morning that I felt I needed a sweater. Everything else I have is too wintry for May so I went with maroon Catwoman. I'm not sure whether or not it worked? I'll compare and contrast another day. I also felt that maybe if I had a pair of dark maroon tights the whole thing might look a bit more interesting.
Or stripey.
The pockets made me feel confidant in a way. They're similar to what I find in trousers, I think that may be why.

Also: Thank you to Yuri from Lookbook for sending me an invitation. I spent today sneaking looks at it at work.


annah said...

this skirt looks great! i loooove how you've worn it.

Anonymous said...

you look super cute here!