May 24, 2008

Design Das Boot

Wanna be Uber-trendy?

Design an Uber-boot.

Or vote for someone else's.

Apparently they do this every year? Or something?
Either way. Designing anything online makes you feel as if you have a say in how they're going to be when they arrive in the store. And voting for designs will boost someone's confidence. And in this case, it may actually determine what you see in the store in a more direct manner than a daydream.
The first design is Danielle from Final Fashion's. Her blog is what alerted me to this.

I like to think that when I design my shoes at converse the bigwigs at that company keep tabs on it and one day, my golden-yellow high tops with a seahorse on them and aquamarine laces will appear at a foot locker near me.

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Anonymous said...

i love stuff like this, like nike id