May 19, 2008

All Proper for Queen Vicki

No work, all play on Queen Victoria day.
Starting at noon,
Ending with the moon,
Standing silently as we light up the sky
With fireworks, beer and some pie.

(and now, here is what I wore to-day, experimenting with a white shirt-ay)
I'll be leaving wearing this(eh)

It does interesting things to your top half. I dont' have particularly narrow shoulders but it made them look longer (wider?) and straighter.

Like I have really really really good posture, but only around my shoulders.

Oh and the little tie is fun, but it only shows up if you (I) wear your (my) hair up.
I think next time I should wear it/try it untucked.


Anonymous said...

I love the shirt. I like the little details around the collar.

annah said...

i love the first picture!! it looks so....victorian, in a realllly good way.