May 21, 2008

Hand Me Down

I was going to start this post with old pictures of my mother from the 70s. It was in part to demonstrate my "supply and demand" theory and in part to start a whole "omg my mother was cool" series of posts.
But then I couldn't find them (When I do, I will show you an example of "omg my mother was cool").
My mom had awesome clothes in the 70s. I found two shirts and used to wear this orange one with a blue flower print all the time, until my mother found out and informed me that it was lingerie and then took it away from me because "no daughter of hers would wear that out of the house".

This green was the other one:
It makes me feel a little "sleazy 70s"-y.

Also: Share Your Look and StyleDiary
I'm actually putting time into this. I don't know why, I guess the variation between all of the sites (in terms of design, features, members, content, whatever) has peaked my curiosity.
Or maybe I'm 10X more vain than I ever thought before.
Either way you may be gradually getting my two cents on all (if not then only some) of these communities that I find. It's interesting that many of these were developed in late 2007/early 2008 (from what I see). Is it a reaction to facebook/myspace?
Do any of these websites have facebook applications?

Okay until I get too busy, this is officially my personal project.

#1: I meant to say this before. A round of applause for someone who didn't get a speck of cherry pie (or anything else) on her white shirt *ahem*.
#2: This is the pin that is on my belt.
For some reason even though I uploaded on Large, blogger made the image quite small. So, here it is, slightly larger:
I love my pins. This one was part of a collection of stuff I bought at a by-the-pound vintage store. I'm growing my collection of "leaf-themed" pins and brooches. I thought it was a nice little touch that others didn't necessarily notice, but I knew was there (which is what is important after all)

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