May 06, 2008

Go Away (but do come back)

Today was actually the dullest day of all eternity. 6 hours of greeting people as they come into my work. Nothing else. Occasionally, I validate a parking ticket or two, maybe open a door for someone, but for the most part, I just stand around and smile.
And welcome people into the store of course.

This gave me a lot of time to think. Think and consider and ponder and wonder about my blog. And other blogs. And the differences between the two.

In creating this project, I started reading a lot of other blogs. I link most of them here just for convenience (I get to revel in my own brilliance and then go and eat a slice of humble pie without much effort), but how many links are too many? Is there such a thing as too many links? Sure, mine are mostly unorganized and it all started off as....well, reference. I pulled inspiration from other sources, from style blogs and artists and photographers alike. At this point I'm just linking whatever I find to be relevant to my own personality not so much what is relevant to what I blog about (which is a very basic, very common, day-to-day, "this is what I wore/bought/found today" formula). I don't even visit all of them in one day. I hit up the regulars like The Coveted (which has been consistently good since before my first attempt at Still Better and Worse last summer) and Facehunter, and usually I'll go to The Apathist, Final Fashion and maybe La Femme as well. The rest are in a pretty regular rotary cycle.
Am I putting too much on my plate with all these? Is it hard to keep track of all this?

Did I totally just go off on a tangent there? (yes.)

Back to what I said before; the main difference.
Because through reading all these blogs I found that some people make a specific distinction between them. The subject matter, I mean.
There are the pretty straightforward, "street style" blogs. But what constitutes a "shopping blog" and what makes it different from a "style" blog? Because I find that most, if not all, personal style blogs/bloggers make a point to share their shopping experiences and finds, like Fops and Dandies does. There are posts that are "what I wore today" oriented but also "what I bought today" along with it. So what makes it a shopping rather than a style blog? Because what you shop for is obviously tied tightly to what your style is, right?

There are also a lot of blogs with the same intention as this one: a place to track the progression of someone's style. It's how The Coveted started, if I'm correct. So what are they called? Style blogs? New style blogs? Learning blogs? Hi-I'm-new-please-help-me-fix-what-I-wear blogs?

I am interested in how much personality comes out of a blogs design. And the little widgets around them. You can see that Discotheque Confusion is heavily interested in music because of all of the music-oriented widgets in the column around her blog. Blogger seems to give you more of a free reign to do this kind of thing - I found it was easier to inject my personality into their templates as opposed to wordpress. A blog name plays into this as well. I used a Shakespeare quote as mine because I am one of those obnoxious actors who will be perfectly happy if all she does for the rest of her life/career is the Stratford Shakespeare festival and Kenneth Branagh's current vanity project. How do/did other people come up with theirs? Because none of them are the same, and all of them seem to play into the personality of the writer's very well. It's like a band name. Even though there are 45129684 bands whose name starts with "the" none of them are the same. Okay, maybe some are, but you get the general point I'm trying to make, oui? Bon.

Honestly, I just read over what I've written and it's just my stream of consciousness. It's just me talking and blabbering about what I thought about today, trying to weed through the notes I covertly took at work in between greeting customers.
I was trying to sort out where I fit in all this. I'm not about to overload this project with my many playlists and every artist that I love. I'm into keeping it simple - minimalism + me = bffs 4 evs if you know what I'm saying. I like to think that I am able to convey why I created this in my posts, and what I share.
Like the last post - it was mostly because I found that I was attracted to items of clothing that I wasn't before. It was the first time that I really realised how much my style has changed in the past year and so I posted my feelings about it along with what I bought in order for the two to illustrate and inform one another.

Wow. Eloquence is not one of my strongest characteristis.
*notices the length*
Nor is being "to the point".

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