April 16, 2008


Ever since comics became popular, I find i go back and forth between feeling a: really cool, hip, now, with-it (as the young-uns say) and b: slightly inadequate. Like I'm not geeky enough, and that other, more put-together people are better at pulling off geek than I am.

Or at least, better off at interpreting geek and make it look like the most amazing, complicated style ever. I am in awe at how much effort some people put into looking like a total dork. Honestly, it's very simple. You roll out of bed, you commit to a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. They are clean, so you put them on. You pull on some sneakers and then you leave your place of residence (t-shirt can be substituted for a collared shirt/blouse/sweater vest/cardigan).

This however, is in a geek league of its own:

From the new issue of Vogue US (which I will actually buy, only because of this photo spread). They chose a great selection of well-known superheroes who have a basic uniform (wow, redundant? A little) that can be interpreted any which way. Poison ivy could be wearing the long flowing gown, but if you had given that task to say......Dolce and Gabbana (who I believe designed/put together the outfit for Catwoman, above) it would probably have come out at the other end of the supervillain spectrum.

The Silver Surfer was expletive-inducing amazing too.

This sort of thing makes me want to call up Paul Pope (who created/drew Batman: Year 100) and ask what he thinks of all this. Or any other member of the DC/Marvel creative universe. I'm sure they'd understand that it was all interpretation, but would they get it, is the question.

Imagine if all of a sudden, your geeky sidekick opened up his latest issue of Batman, and all of a sudden, the above version of catwoman/batman/poison ivy made an appearance.

these images come from here, The Fashion Spot

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