April 07, 2008


I woke up the other morning and it was beautiful. The air was clean and the sun was out and the temperature was nice, and...and.....ack!

So this made me think about (spring) and birds. Because the birds are back, they're out of hiding, and slowly will be making their way into my closet.
REASON #1: Oddbird
This jewelry line that I found a year or so ago. Specifically the painted dominoes. I found them at Freedom clothing collective and then again at the Distill gallery.
They do a lot more than birds. The website has all of the different designs but these are both from their spring domino peak which includes their usual variations of flora and fauna, from foxes, to Alices (in wonderland), a bracelet with a few gorgeous green parrots and this:
Um, I love it. With all my heart. I may even end up ordering this one just because I'm not really up to looking for it. Their style of illustration is what I really love about this company/line. The colours are bright, and kind of remind me of the same illustration you would find in old children's books like the old versions of Winnie the Pooh. One of these pendants on a simple silver chain over a plain dark shirt can make it so much cleaner and classier. It ties stuff together. And is a really interesting piece, they're painted on the backs of dominoes for freakin' sake.

REASON #2: Dwell linens
How good would a bed look with this on it:

You get to wake up and fall asleep with the birds twittering about!
Up close it looks like this:
Sleeping in an actual tree is probably not a great idea seeing as the temperature in April is still dropping into the single digits at night, but until you can go back to the ol' tree house, you could pretend with something like these.

Oooh, wouldn't it be nice to screen print one of these bird illustrations onto a pillowcase.
Or to go with the general theme of "fashion" onto a shirt. A small thing on the shoulder of a plain white shirt or on the top near the waist of a pair of high-waisted jeans?
hmmm..........I wasn't planning this but:
REASON #3: Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
I saw this book on sale at indigo once and fell in love with the pictures of seashells and other crustaceans. Albertus Seba was a pharmacist who lived in Amsterdam in the 1700s and collected various specimen of snakes, birds and sea creatures. Taschen published his "Thesaurus," which was a collection of his plates/illustrations.I find all of them beautiful in this hyper-real, hyper-coloured way. Sort of reminds me of a colouring book that has already been coloured in.

Okay, that's enough inspiration babbling for now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of our first taste of SPRING(!!!)

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