April 22, 2008


I felt very stealth today (see below).

First I got some news that made me.....perturbed. So I decided I would do two things a) go to Steve's music store to find the Korg Kaossilator and see how much of a dent it would make in my bank account and then b) to go shoe shopping. Hey, I need new sneakers and shoes fix everything (really, they do, try it sometime. I used to use a shoe to fix the chain on my bike, and my old converse were quite adept at saying just the right thing when I needed them to).

Steve's music store intimidates me, so I dressed to shield myself from feeling inadequate.
I've wanted a pair of "corset" jeans ever since I figured out what they were, and that they can trick other human beings into thinking my legs start a few inches higher than they actually do.
So i went looking for a pair, but gave up since all of the ones I saw cost a pretty fancy penny.
But then I found these at Forever 21 of all places, and they only cost me a pretty penny so I scooped them up. I've worn them a few times now, once in a copycat form of this person from facehunter.
Sadly no pictures of that. However it was awesome. Seriously, high-waisted jeans are the only way to go when wearing a t-shirt from now on for me. It's the only way I feel in my own skin while wearing something as un-dressy as a t-shirt (which I find really odd).

So anyway, I went and found out that the Korg Kaossilator will cost me a pretty fancy penny and then walked around downtown, and found a few nice looking shoes (no sneakers though).
Lately I've been strangely drawn to heels. I guess I'm becoming more used to wearing them or something. But whenever I went into a store I immediately went for the heels rather than the flats. A nice kitten heel here, a larger/taller one there, even the sneakers I looked at had a bit of a heel (a very sly one at that). I was a little surprised, not gonna lie.

My gait started to be a little chicken-esque though. I should find a way to correct that.

PS: I'm STEALTHY! as a superhero

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