April 28, 2008


My new Keds have made me adventurous. Maybe it's the discount I got because of a stain (that I didn't notice until the saleslady apologized for, since it was the same colour as my shoes) but they made me feel kiddish and cool. Gave me a craving for digging in the dirt searching for Egyptian artifacts like I used to do.
I've worn this outfit every day since Friday.
I know that there is probably some rule against that somewhere in "the great book of general fashion knowledge" (or hygiene) but I also know that other people have done the same. So it can't possibly be as bad as I think, right (in my defence I did change my pants)?
Well when is it okay? Because, I figure, every once in awhile you find an outfit that is multi-functional and you are going through a lazy spell. And when those two come together there's no telling what you will do. You might find yourself mysteriously drawn to sweatpants or velour or suddenly craving that ratty t-shirt and the destroyed jeans.
Isn't it better to trade that for a mildly acceptable outfit that you "recycle" over a few days?

It's the green alternative to a crappy day.

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