April 22, 2008

The Persephone

I've always wanted to play the Theremin, but this takes years to master and I'm sure that anyone who has one won't let my grubby hands anywhere near it.
It's impossible to control the pitch seeing as all you're really doing is waving your hands in front of a metal antennae to create sound (which is exactly why I want one sooooo freakin' bad)

And then while perusing wikipedia I found the Persephone:
A similar instrument (it still is an electric type synthesizing instrument) that is easier to control and probably a lot easier to wrap my head around. The technicalities are still a little fuzzy (not unlike most, when someone starts talking/writing about voltage I tune out) but as far as I can tell, it works as an midi controller, it tweaks sound, and has a 10 octave range, which can produce a variety of tones and pitches.

Now all I need is the 900 Euros it costs.........and whatever that is in Canadian dollars might probably be good too.

This renewed interest in synthesizing musical instruments comes because my friend's cousin pulled out the coolest toy-that-is-in-no-way-a-toy. A Korg Kaossilator

Which works as a hand-held, keyboardless synthesizer. It has the essentially the same features as a regular synth (drum sounds, special effects, blah blah blah) and also allows for loop recording (record something, loop it, record something else overtop) and various drum/beat patters. and control for those things. Through playing with it I figured out that the four sections of the touch pad produce four different tones and using the knob you can tune it to different pitches and subsequently change the sound effect completely. Also, since the four tones vary in pitch themselves, you end up with the ability to play two at once, as if you had been playing a chord on a keyboard, however since it's not a keyboard at all, the sound is really malleable and you can create slide-type effects or just random bursts of sound. It's also easier to hear what you're doing, I find.

That is my extremely un-technical description of two technical/musical instruments that I really want. For no real reason, I just really want them.
If I really need a reason, I'll say it's because I am part of the iGeneration and all we want is to spend our money, party, and be as materialistic as possible.

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