April 08, 2008


I still can't get over the fact that spring is here. Today, while walking home from class, I took off my jacket. I walked home wearing this: and was fine and dandy and actually quite content. I mean it was still windy. But hey, I walked down College St. eating my felafel, grinning and giggling.

Spring makes me a tad schizophrenic.

I was honestly considering making a bird screenprint after my post yesterday, but it seems like the kind of project that I would need a lot of space and preparation for. Not something to pick up one night for an outfit the next morning (at least not for me).
So I was rummaging around looking for something bird-like and I found this brown silk scarf from a bajillion years ago. From Freedom Collective I believe.
It has TWO birds printed on it, if you can believe it (I know I was surprised. Then again, I didn't even realise that I owned this scarf so....it could just be me) the white one you see here, and a red one that you can kind of see behind it.
Also, because of SPRING, I get to take pictures outside, in non-fluorescent lighting (yay!)
I hope it lasts. Knock on wood (OUTSIDE, ON ONE OF THEM TREES!)

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