April 02, 2008

Inspiration: Space Oddity.

I am so odd.
I wear this badge proudly on any sleeve; I am an odd little thing. I have very eclectic taste, and seem to contradict them at all times. I love and at the same time hate most of what I am obsessed with. But I think it's only because when I become passionately obsessed with something I have to find out every minuscule detail about it. I have to know it forwards, backwards, sideways whatever.

So it is with science fiction. I love most science fiction but admit that a lot of of it is either general shit or doesn't know what to do with itself and therefore turns into shit. Dystopic, futuristic, sci-fi is the worst because I find that a lot of it tries too hard to "predict our horrifying end" rather than let the present show us its cracks and speculate in those cracks (kudos to whomever can make sense of that).

All this is just filler, really. To explain that I'm inspired by sci-fi. Space. The future. All that stuff that fills our heads when we're little and make us feel altogether too small when we're grown up. I found a few great 50's (from Plan 59), space-race era ads that renewed this "spacial wandering" the other day. They're sort of what made me go back to
thinking in this vein. And also how to (for lack of better phrasing) incorporate it into my wardrobe. I'm not about to go wandering around in metallics and go-go boots (as flattering as bright, mirrored fabrics may be) so how do I work this into something that is wearable, or workable?

Shingai Shoniwa
wears (my idea of) space best.

Something about her outfits in her performances
is really.....out of our time. I love that she manages to pull this off onstage, and yet still retains that "I just so
rt of fell into 2008, I hope no one notices" quality to what she wears when she's not hopping around with her bass strung around her neck.

But again, what she ends up doing is creating a costume; which is fine, she's a performer, an amazing musician, it's what she does. Karen O as well. But is it possible to translate this to day-to-day? To a person who is not about to pick up an instrument and start playing it on the street at any given moment?

"Billy get out the safety goggles, I think Jimmy's gonna do another one of his experiments!"

(um...this last one really has n
othing to do with anything. I just feel like this is where she's trying desperately to explain to her bandmates how to pass themselves off as early 21st century citizens, and the two guys just don't get it).

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