April 12, 2008

If My Bag Could Talk

Today on the subway someone asked me if I knew someone named Sarah Cullen.
Of course, I said no (because I'd be lying if I said I did and that's the kind of question you usually don't want to lie about), and she informed me that she was the designer of my bag.
My trusty tote bag that I've had for almost a year, which has endured so much abuse. I've dropped it in water, gotten it caught in many a car door, and stuffed it to its breaking point so often that it really should be in tattered pieces by now and yet, it's still a-ok.
Notice the lovely water and salt stains, the various pen stains and a mysterious orange thing at the bottom. All this and the print hasn't even worn off yet.

Anyhow, up until now I thought it was a mysterious line called "Hands Talking" which doesn't come up no matter how many times I google it. Now that I'm finally paying attention to the name behind it I see that one can find other canvas bags of hers at Art Metropole. And I suspect that those will also take as much abuse as you can throw at them.

There's also the t-shirt with the same little design as is on my bag.

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