January 28, 2009

It's Not So Far-Fetched, You Won't End Up On Every Don't List So....

Someone please wear this to the Oscars.
I spent all day cleaning my room and escaping the snowstorm that was outside.  Much progress was made.  I'd feel better if I could paint my room however reorganizing and re-adjusting will have to do (and it has).  Perhaps I'll have more ideas from now on.
Perhaps I'll even show you all what I've done with my books (not gonna lie - I'm a teensy bit proud).


jessica said...

redcarpet celebs are pussies, so no one will wear anything remotely amazing .. such as that dress .
its unfortunate .

show the books !!


Fashion Trix said...


Matchstick said...


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Rabenschwarz said...

oh my, this dress is wordless amazing.

zoƫ said...

i can sort of see natalie portman pulling it off or something .
jpg is always so exquisite !

and i know what you mean when you say you want to paint but have to settle with redecorating . i've been rearranging my room every few months foreeevver, and i just want to paint the walls . in my mind it would make the biggest difference .
unfortunatly since it's gold out apparently paint doesn't dry well in the winter ? so i'm thinking i'll do a clean sweep in the spring and finally paint !
yayy .

ps - your blog is killer, love .

Eliza said...

this dress is exquisite!
it is like a dream

WendyB said...

Beautiful dress. Everyone is too terrorized by the fashion police to do something interesting nowadays...

Meg said...

Ahhh, this is one of my faves from JPG! It's so f-in dreamy and ethereal, whilst being a little kickass too!
Bjork would look cool in this baby, and poss. the only celeb with enough chutzpah to try it out (after all, let's not forget the swan)

Marina said...

I could see Bjork in this. She really has no regard for that "don't" list.