January 05, 2009

Healthy Change

A) I couldn't get an appointment to fix my hair until Wednesday so any photographs of me without a hat will wait until then.   Thanks if you like it.  I just need to resolve the back half so it's not so wonky and disproportionate (in a bad way).
B) I'm changing the look of this thing.  This is phase one.  Phase two will likely be different.  I'll fix and fiddle until I find a phase I like.
C) Clearing up some hard-drive space, images from Jak & Jill blog, Fotodecadent, and who knows where else.  I swear, next time I'll make a note of some kind with where they come from.
also:  I sent attempt #1 through the wash and it did not do well.  The colour is off and the image is a bit too destroyed.  I suppose I'll figure out a way to use ink for #2, or find a transfer that isn't so delicate/annoying.

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