January 10, 2009

Why Has This Taken So Long

I've been working and reworking the banner and the layout of this blog, only to return to its original format about four times. I almost wish I had a paid account on blogger so I could put up a very fancy "We Will Return After Visual Maintenance" banner while I work at it. I'm still not entirely done. Blogger is very limited, but this is generally what it will be. The image is a photograph I found via google image search that originates HERE.

The set is made up of photographs of Courtney Love (performing, I assume) contrasted with black and white photographs of roses.  This time around, when creating my banner I really wanted to incorporate flowers, because of the origin of the title of the blog, and these were my favourites.  Even alone, before being altered in photoshop, they provide a ve I'm ry simple, almost formal yet still very "cool" image to introduce all the semi-coherent rambling that follows.  SO after deciding a) use this particular image (as opposed to the many others) and then opting to split it in two (to bookend my blog with it), I started playing in photoshop.  Like I said the image itself doesn't need anything but I was bored and kind of sick so I was playing with the filter options. The Color Halftone option creating this candied image above so I kept it.

and as a reward for reading all that, my friend Eliza spent New Year's Day doing THESE.  I'm the one in the Hello Kitty....head.

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