January 25, 2009

Why Then, Why Now

I don't know why or what it is but all of a sudden I kind of want one of these fur coats.  The shorter, yet bigger, blonder late-60s/disco 70s kind of style.  In a lighter-coloured (vintage) fur.  Part of me thinks it would look good with my dark hair the rest of me is screaming that I just want it because it is trendy and that a year from now I won't wear it.  A year from now I'll think it's just too big and too short and doesn't work with my soon-to-come non-wardrobe of actual colour as opposed to all black.  What if a year from now (or months from now) I'm wearing wider-legged jeans?  Or the whole late-60s Edie look sinks back into its manhole and I'm left with this big poufy thing and a pile of regret to match?
What if it just makes my hair look even bigger?
Many what-ifs to examine what exactly it is that makes one want.  You know?  That makes you see something once and roll your eyes, see it again and sort of catch your eye in the mirror and then see it a third time and let the consideration creep into your head.  What is it that convinces us that the look that once caused a snarky remark is something to seriously consider and, eventually, buy into?

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