January 20, 2009

Hiding from Responsibility

It's been way too long since I've tagged a post as "Dalies".  Baad.  This is why I'm hiding my shamed face in these pictures.

that last one is just for the boots.  The cowboy-inspired rainboots a-hem.

My work uniform is all black.  I'm allowed grey, as long as it's covered by black (you'd think I worked in a funeral parlour) making it both very easy and very difficult to dress for work.  In any other kind of weather I'd just rotate black dresses, but January means pants for most of the time, which means I end up wearing a black blazer/cardigan, black jeans, and a black top to work.  I'm starting to *shock* crave colour.  It's weird.  I need Punch so I can tolerate wearing black all the time, because all of a sudden when I look at something I think "well if it's not black I can't wear it to work, so......"

P.S IMADEAVEST!  I saw the circle vest at American Apparel last weekend and went all nuts, in part because of the many ways to wear it (golly gee, no way).  Until I realised it is a big circle with two smaller circles cut out of it for arm holes that costs $35.
So I went to Fabricland and made my own in about 15 mins (including reinforcing sewing time) for $7.  There it is up there.  A little longer than the AA one, which is good because it creates a larger hood if I want to wear it upside-down.

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