November 02, 2008

Wow, I'm Really Doing-It-Myself

Sometimes ideas that are born at 2am or so turn out to be good, fruitful ideas.

Like I said, I did research and found a font that was close to the design of the original YSL logo, and downloaded it.  I've been tinkering with the layout today, and came up with a few samples. Here they are, the orignal logo is up last:
I'm also toying with my actual initials.  My middle name is my mother's maiden name and the initial used is up for debate. 
Depending on whom you ask, it is either D or L (my middle name is DeLima), so I may also come up with a few more before settling on an "official" logo.

The problem I found, layout-wise, ended up being the Ms.  The letter M is symmetrical, the letters Y and L not so much.  A vertical layout (like the original) looks a little odd, but I tried to keep to the ladder-esque design, for the most part.
This project has gone so much further than my usual diy projects.  Possibly because I have time and this one is easier.

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