November 04, 2008

Design 101: Imitation = Flattery (?)

I saw the Bloc Party singles via wikipedia (because I'm that girl) and had a nasty few days where I thought I was crazy for recognizing the layout of it.  If I could find a proper photograph of the Transmission single, I could probably illustrate this better.  I remember when Bloc Party first came out it was during this whole "omg, remember Joy Division? Probably not, but they were so cool!" and they were supposed to be one of the big bands to make us young 'uns "rediscover" Joy Division.
Just an observation.   I really like the theme of these, but was curious as to how conscious the design decision was.


whatshername said...

i like the very simpel look of the singles.
btw I've tagged you..

Severn said...

i can see where you're coming from, i see the connection as well.