November 06, 2008

Squeeze Me, Hug Me, Love Me, Flip Me.

Frickin' Awesome.

I bought new rings today in honour of getting a new job.  Pictures of my metal flair to follow.


Stefanie said...

this is a great song! after seeing this i downloaded the album!

Anonymous said...

i love this song!!
i didnt know there was a vid for it and it is just as awesome!

and congrads on getting a job!

i need to get my ass in gear and get on that train..

Marina said...

stefanie, I did the same thing when my friend showed me the video.

Which is pretty awesome.
Thanks for the congrats. I'm kind of surprised but extremely happy that I was awarded with employment, :D

Anonymous said...

I can't wrap my brain around how much work or planning out that must've taken.

Marina said...

Or how long it took to actually film.