November 01, 2008


The perfume ad idea died with my inability to find a large enough decanter/vase to act as a perfume bottle.  I tried, I swear.  I went to 3 Value Villages, 1 Goodwill, 3 Dollaramas, countless generic dollar stores, a Loblaws, Wal-Mart, Zellers and even The Bay.  Nada.
So, I'll introduce you to HipsterGal.

Saving the world, one cosmo at a time.

No lie, the best part was that some people didn't get that it was a joke.  


Anonymous said...

oh shit girl
i love this ahahaha
oh it cracks me up.

Stefanie said...

you look like tons of fun.

gucci handbag said...

I like that pic, you look so lively

Marina said...

Thank you. Halloween with people who get really into it is contagious.