November 20, 2008

It's my birthday.
I'm gonna party like it's my Birthday.
(but I will not sip Bacardi like it's my birthday)
And you know I don't give a _____ because it is my birthday.

img via fotodecadent, I think.

Wahoo.  I ordered my very first legal drink today.  I wore a lot of necklaces over black pants a black shirt and a pinstriped shirtdress, and opted for bare wrists and two belts as their replacement.  I kind of wanted to do a photo of this, but thought that it would be far more entertaining for you too the "karaoke" version of all this.
The picture is because 19 feels a wee little slightly different.  I think it may be the fact that I'm now allowed to meander into a bar/club and not stare nervously at the bouncer.  Just the ability to do so is a little "bahahaha-I-made-it-I-beat-the-system" and opens the door to a real change I guess. 
The little extra bit of responsibility throws something at me that feels a little like a shaved head.
Plus, I cleaned out my closet yesterday night so I'd have a real true fresh change come today.
That's what I wanted to say - I made a bit of a change.  I've seen the change when I get bored an peruse my own archives, and I saw it yesterday when I donated a bunch of clutter to Goodwill, and I saw it today when it finally hit me that I am 19 and that it's actually not that old at all.


roxanne said...

happy birthday!

dreamhandbags said...

cute pic ! :)

Stefanie said...

happy belated birthday! 19 year old!

Anonymous said...

hey girly!
hope it was a good one!

Marina said...

thaank you.